Summary of Lotta Hahns CV


Architect Chalmers University of Technology 77-83
Interior design education and project leader IKEA Retail Training Centre
Com-In manager IKEA Retail Training Centre
U-Lab – Transforming business, society and self MIT/ edX

IKEA 27 years

Contributed in building and developing IKEA towards the vision
and brand in the area of home furnishing and range development.

16 years creation

IKEA stores and catalogues, specialist and manager
Com-In manager and member of management group in stores

11 years development

Global Range Strategist
Development from long-term directions
Concept, methods and tools for knowledge driven development
Research, trend insight and global future insight of people and life at home
Management group in several business areas, IKEA of Sweden.

Lotta Hahn AB 7+ years

IKEA of Sweden
Living with children knowledge platform.
Research, future trends and insight for life at home
with business plan input. Research, report, and workshop;
Challenges and opportunities for future living rooms.
IKEA Museum
Specialist and adviser for “life at home” section and
home furnishing
United Reklam, Lekolär
Architect marketing strategy
Share Music Sweden
EM furniture
Sales solutions
TENZO Furniture
Style strategy
Old farm into hotel, meeting place – sketches
Lammhults Design Group
The future of libraries – research report a base for strategies and development
Market research offices
Kingfisher group
Bathroom innovation study and bathroom idea concept
Garden innovation study
Tiles innovation study and tiles strategy
Consultant in total development
Inter-IKEA systems BV
Consultant in renewal of long term home furnishing priorities
Ecophon Acoustic ceilings
New Akutex and range guideline
University of Linnaeus, Växjö
Design lecturer
See a collection of my assignments in Projects.